About Zuiver Analytics
We help you to optimize your procurement performance

Wat we do

Zuiver Analytics focuses on developing smart analytics to support purchasing and accounts payable in improving their performance. We focus on the procurement and accounts payable function of the organization.

What are smart analytics?

Just being good at making algorithms is certainly not enough for success. Knowledge of the content and practice is even more important. That is why we at Zuiver Analytics have chosen to focus specifically on helping the purchasing function. As a result, we fully immerse ourselves in the challenges that procurement faces and we speak the language of the procurement professional.

Why the procurement function?

Smart analytics are analysis that use modern data analysis technologies for data processing, data analysis and presentation of the result. One of the most important parts here is the algorithm. An algorithm is a software program that can perform a specific calculation. Due to the size of the data, these calculations can be complex and extensive.

In practise

Purchasing analysis can take place at a strategic, tactical and operational level and every level is looking for answers that belong to that level. In order to make smart analysis work, we have chosen to develop them in practice. For example, the Purchasing Price Index and the Double Invoices algorithm were developed at a costomer. Only when it catches on and is used in practice, we can speak of an analysis that really works in practice.


In an analysis, you only need to have the data elements that are specifically needed for the analysis. No more and no less. You will receive the specification for this from us. We also support you with the extraction of the dataset in case it is necessary. For example, we also supply the selection query for a SAP system. An analysis starts the first time with a free test phase. The dataset is checked by Zuiver Analytics. We report on the deviations in the dataset. The moment the selection query yields a good dataset, the analysis is performed and the result is delivered.

Pay per Use

Zuiver Analytics has no history in software development and therefore does not suffer from a software legacy. We look at the opportunities that come our way today and how we can use them as efficiently, effectively and flexibly as possible. Although we develop software programs in the form of algorithms, we are not a traditional software development company. The outcome of the data processing or data analysis is actually the product. You only supply the data, we carry out the processing and the analysis. You will receive the result and you can get started right away. You therefore only pay for the data processing and data analysis.

Development of new and innovative data-analysis

Zuiver Analytics continues to focus on jointly developing data analysis that work in practice and add a lot of value. Do you need innovative purchasing, accounts payable or supply chain related data analysis and are you open to developing this jointly, then we would like to invite you for a meeting.

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